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Full Line Exotic Aviary & Exotic Bird Rescue

Main line 1-403-821-3733

[email protected]

EST . 1999‚Äč


Welcome to our new Videos page! Here we will be showing any new additions to our aviary, including videos of hand feeding our babies! We will also have biweekly bird talks in which we will answer FAQs from new bird owners and breeders. We hope you enjoy all of our videos and hope you subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Birds Inc... Aviary Tour

We would love to welcome you to meet all of our lovely birds! Here we show you the full layout of our aviary, as well as everything we have to offer here at Birds Inc... 

The Autobiography of Fredrick Coates

We hope you enjoy getting to know our Owner and Operator, Fredrick Coates, and how Birds Inc... was founded!

FAQs of Bird Breeders

Here are some frequently asked questions we get on a regular basis at Birds Inc...

Please let us know if there are any questions we did not address in this video in the YouTube comments section or on our Facebook Page. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions!

How to DNA Your Bird and Clip its Wings

In the above video we talk about how we DNA our birds and clip their wings. We only perform these tasks upon request from the customer, but we wanted to show everyone our techniques so everyone can feel more comfortable about how their baby will be treated while we perform basic grooming on their bird.

Socializing Baby Birds

In this video we show you how we socialize all of our babies here at Birds Inc... to turn them into the sweet babies we have all come to love. We hope you like it!

How to Train Your Baby Bird to Step Up

This is a video where we show you how we teach our baby parrots and parakeets to "Step Up". This is the last step of socializing our babies before they go to their loving families. We wanted to show these lovely babies learn their last lesson to you before we say goodbye. We hope you like it!

Hand Feeding Baby African Grey Parrots

This is a video of two of our past beautiful baby African Grey Parrots. They are 11 weeks old in the video, and they were actually sourced from our wholesaler. They were sweet as pie and a pleasure to work with. We miss them dearly, but we are so glad they went to good homes!

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