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Full Line Exotic Aviary & Exotic Bird Rescue

Main line 1-403-821-3733

[email protected]

EST . 1999‚Äč


If you would like to submit a testimonials please email us at [email protected]

Attention to all customers... the testimonials page is no longer working correctly on the website. We salvaged all of the testimonials we could recover, but after a software update we are unable to run the testimonials page as we did in the past. If you would like to provide us with a testimonial, please contact [email protected] Thank you so much for your understanding.

" Thanks for the beautiful female canary. I love her to pieces. Amazing color. It has only been a week and she is eating lettuce and millet from my hand. Now my male is happy and sings all of the time, for her. She also has a cute little chirp. Since my male is so old, I would love to purchase a younger male from you, in the near future. Fredrick cares about his birds and always wants to hear how she is doing. Keep up the great work! Berta B."


Satisfied Customer

"We recently purchased a pair of budgies from Frederick for my daughter. She loves birds but our Alexandrine is too big for her and the smaller kids. She is love with her new birds. While we were there we saw a sweet little parrotlet from Frederick's rescue program. The sweet bird had no toes and I fell in love. We brought her home and my 3 1/2 year old son has claimed her as his. Frederick is very knowledgeable with his birds, we would definitely buy from him again. Jaime"


Satisfied bird lover

"We just picked up our Parrotlet (Tinker) and we were very impressed with the knowledge and assistance provided at the time. He was able to answer all of our questions and during the process and made us feel confident in his knowledge, We were provided with constant updates and pictures of our bird. We would definitely recommend him to any one that we know who is looking for a bird to care for."

The Sastre family

Another happy customer

"I purchased a rescue parrolet from Fredrick just a few days ago, who we named Kiwi. Already my family and I love and adore the handsome young man. He is adjusting to his new family and home very quickly and quite well. We are so thankful to now have Kiwi as a part of our family. Fredrick was an amazing caretaker and was so concerned about Kiwi finding the right home. It was so nice to know Kiwi was well taken care of while looking for a permanent home. Fredrick has been the best throughout the adoption process, with giving tips and advice for caring for the bird. I would recommend him to any of my family or friends and highly suggest to go through Fredrick when adopting a bird. Thank you so much Fredrick we couldn't have asked for a better feather friend and none of this would have been possible without you :)"


"I purchased my parolette almost a week ago. She has adjusted very well and fast to her new home and the family.She is the sweetest little bird ever! We have all fallen in love with her. Fredrick has been so helpful and is very good with the birds.Thanks Fredrick for our awesome pet!"



"So when this beautiful green and yellow budgie, who i nmaed fluffy, landed in my backyard one day i was left with a dilema. I am not a pet person and have no idea how to take care of a bird but i was not willing to just let the poor creature suffer and die. I went to the pet store and bought a cage and food and even a book on how to care for it. After a few days of basic care and trying to find its owner i was completely aware that there was no way i could take care if poor fluffy on my own. Enter Fredrick and his bird shelter. I heard about him from a friend who is a vet in drumheller and was beyond thankful that he was willing to take fluffy and find her a good, loving and appropriate home where someone with the time and love could take care of her. Thank you Fredrick, i really do appreciate it."



"Been day 2 of jax my baby parolette And Fredrick was right our new addition is absolutely charming my children love thier new parolette . Jax is very calm and enjoying his new home. Thank u Fredrick for all the amazin advice u gave me . I recommend anyone seekin a new pet give Fredrick a call his birds are beauties and very well cared for"


Momma of a baby parolette

"I have purchased 25 birds from Fredrick at Birds Inc over the past year. Every one is still here and still healthy. Fredrick helped me build a unique beautiful cabinet style aviary for my living room that will hold up to 50 birds. He has helped me to select birds that will happily live together and continues to do so. I had NO experience with birds prior to this and he has been a continuing source of advice and encouragement. I have an amazing assortment of species that I would have had no idea could live together: various exotic finches, canaries, love bird, parrotlet, dove and I cannot wait to add to the flock."



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