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Full Line Exotic Aviary & Exotic Bird Rescue

Main line 1-403-821-3733

[email protected]

EST . 1999‚Äč


Our Breeding Pairs' Status

Deposits are 50% of the overall purchase price to secure your baby.

At time of pick-up we will ask for the remaining 50%. All additional fees will be added once your full order has been calculated

Please know that Birds Inc... will not take any deposits until fertility of eggs is known.You can, however, be placed on a waiting list if you would like to reserve a baby as soon as they become available. 

Please note that all pictures below were sourced. If you wish to see our birds, you can look at our videos page for our virtual tour or arrange an in-person tour with our Owner and Operator, Fredrick Coates. We are more than happy to show off our birds and we cannot wait to hear from you!


Congo African Grey

pair is not proven they are just experimenting

Hand Fed Babies - $3250 and up

Senegal Parrots

pair is currently nesting

This pair 1 st season

Babies $800 & up

Princess of Wales green/ lutino Parrots

pair is currently courting

Babies $775 and up

Plum Headed Parrots

pair is currently nesting

Babies $800 & up

Eastern Rosellas

pair is just readjusting to each other again

Babies start at $500 & up

Green pair now

pair is currently nesting

Babies $700 & up

stock rotation

Temporarily suspended until further notice

Babies $700.00 and up based on colour

Parrotlets ( Ice Blue and lutino Pair)

2nd pair is Blue male and female is off blue purple

Green babies start at

$200 and up

Ice Blue Parrotlets Babies

$250 and up

blue babies $300 & up

lutino Parrotlet Babies

$350 and up

lutino blue pied $375 and up

Fischer Lovebirds

pair is getting ready to breed again 1 baby for sale from last batch

Babies $250 and up

Pair of blue linnies

2nd pair is a cobalt and  creamino

pairs are currently nesting

Cobalt Blue linnies starting at

$300 and up 


lutino Red Fronted kakarikies

pair is nesting

Babies $300 and up

Greys Cockatiels 

pair is on eggs 

Babies $250 and up

Rosy Bourke's (Lutino Split to Regular Rosy)

2nd pair is rosey x lutino

3rd is rosey x Rubino

pair 1 has baby's and 1 pair on eggs 

Babies $250 and up

Yellow Turquoisine Pair 

Pair is currently breeding

Babies $300 and up

Red Rump Parakeets

male opaline

Pair 1 is a opaline male and creamsical hen

** nesting ** pair on eggs 

2nd pair is yellow pied pair  ***** pair on eggs 

Babies $270 and up


Diamond Doves 3 breeding Pairs

1 st pairs are breeding

2nd pair is breeding

3rd pair is breeding

Babies $65 and up

Red Factor Canaries

2nd Pair of Gloster Canaries 

Both pairs of canaries  are now outta season tell end of Oct....

Babies starting at $179.99 and up 


Button Quails (Tuxedo, White, Silver, Brown, Splash)


Hatching Eggs Available May through September! *****season closed for shipping see you in 2020 ***** 

Babies $10 each if you purchase 10 or less. If you purchase 11 or more, $5 each.

1 Dozen Eggs $20 and up

Payment Methods

Birds Inc... will now be accepting all Major Credit Cards as Well As Debit

Through Moneris Solutions, we are now portable for your convenience!

E-transfers are now available so you can pay for your birds at the convenience of your own home!

Upcoming Events

Please check out our Upcoming Events page for more details!