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Full Line Exotic Aviary & Exotic Bird Rescue

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Birds Available for Adoption

We currently have no birds available for adoption.

Birds in Rehabilitation

We currently have no birds in rehabilitation.


Here at Birds Inc... we run a private adoption program out of our own home. Our mission is to make sure that each bird finds their perfect new forever home. We complete an extensive interviewing process for each of our adoption candidates to make absolute sure that these birds get the best care, love and attention in their next step of life. We require an over the phone interview, 3 references, and an in person interview before we will let you take any of our rescue birds from the aviary. Each bird has a unique personality, and we want to make sure that not only the home, but the person they leave with are the right match for the individual bird. We are not a registered rescue under the Canadian government; we do this because we saw a great need for a parrot and exotic bird rescue in Alberta and wanted to make sure we could do whatever we could to help these beautiful, loving birds.

Surrender Form

Below are the links to our Surrender Form. Surrender fees may apply. Please Print all 5 Pages of the form and fill them out before surrendering your bird. Unfortunately we are only able to link individual pages on this website. We hope that you will understand and we want to thank you for giving your bird a second chance at life. It is often not easy to let go of an animal, but by letting go you are giving your animal the best chance for a healthy, peaceful life.

Surrender Form

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Surrender Form

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Surrender Form

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Surrender Form

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Surrender Form

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Adoption Form

Below are links to printable pages for the adoption form. Adoption fees may apply. Please print all 3 pages of the form, fill them out and submit them to Fredrick Coates through email or in person. Unfortunately, we can only link individual pages on the website. We hope you understand and we want to thank you for your consideration in adopting one of our birds.

Adoption fees are intended to replace the cost of any medical expenses that Birds Inc... puts toward the bird to ensure that it is healthy enough to go to its new home. This could include vet check-ups, blood work, medication, emergency care, or any other medical expenses. We will disclose to you everything we know about the birds medical history and past behaviors, but we cannot disclose anything we have not been given. We do not make a profit off of these birds, and just want to make sure that they are happy and healthy when they go to their forever home.

Adoption Form

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Adoption Form

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Adoption Form

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Past Rescues

Successfully Adopted


This beautiful female Senegal Parrot is Jula. She is a very sweet girl that may take a little time to warm up to her new owners, but the wait is well worth it! She is tolerant of women but is really fond of men (the girl knows what she wants!). She is closed banded at the young age of 17 (She still got a good 33 more years to go!) She is looking for her new forever home and would love the chance to meet you. Please make an appointment with Fredrick Coates if you wish to arrange a visit.

Update: As of Jan 17, 2018, Jodine was successfully adopted to a wonderful home in Sylvan Lake. We wish her all the best in her new adventures!


Arrival at Our Aviary: August 20, 2017

Lucy is a beautiful 5 year old African Grey female that is friendly toward both men and women. She knows many phrases like "I love you" and many common words like "hello". She is a little timid at first, but warms up to people quickly if they are willing to take the time to get to know her. She is a very sweet bird that also enjoys lots of kisses and head scratches. Please contact us at Birds Inc... if you would like to know more about this amazing girl!

Update: Lucy has been successfully adopted to a lovely home in Calgary! We wish her all the luck in her new adventures.


Zoe is a wonderful Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot that was surrendered into our rescue program on June 24, 2016. She is a very tame parrot with a spunky personality and a very extensive vocabulary. She knows how to "wolf" whistle, say "hey you", "pretty bird", "good girl", "what ya doing?", "I love you", "good morning", "what a good girl", and also has an evil villain laugh. She will always join in on any laughter in the household and she can mimic a baby crow. Her favorite activities include spending time out of her cage, enjoying a shower on her detachable perch, ripping up cardboard (clean toilet paper rolls and egg cartons), and playing with her toys on top of her cage. She steps up easily on command and does not fly off of her cage or play stand. Her favorite treats include apples, peas, cheerios, carrots, broccoli, dried fruit, dried veggie mix, toast with peanut butter, and unsalted nuts in the shells.

Overall, anything with peanut butter is her favorite! The reason this beautiful girl was surrendered was because her previous caregiver had recently changed jobs and was working inconsistent hours. A bird like Zoe, does need a lot of attention, but the rewards are so great that it is definitely worth the effort. She is great with dogs and cats being in the house and is very amused by women. She is OK with men and as well, but is not as fond of them as she is women. She has never been around children, and should not go to a home with children under the age of 12. Overall, she is a great bird with a sweet personality and would make anyone an outstanding companion if they are willing to spend their time with her. If you are interested in Zoe, please fill out the adoption form above and submit it to Fredrick Coates, so we can begin reviewing you for suitability. We hope you give this beautiful girl a second chance, as she really deserves all the love her new forever family can give her.

Update: Zoey has been successfully adopted to a wonderful home in Lethbridge on July 10th, 2016! We wish all the best for this sweet girl.


Alex is a beautiful White Capped Pionus that was surrendered into our rescue program on May 29, 2016. She is 19 years old and was surrendered into our program because her previous owner passed away and they wanted her to go to a great home. She is very friendly towards men, women, and strangers. She also does not have any cage aggression. She has never been around young children, so any family looking to adopt her must have children over the age of 12. Overall, she is an amazing bird, and we hope to find her the perfect family soon! Please fill out our adoption papers and email them to Fredrick Coates if you would like to adopt this beautiful girl!

Update: Alex has found her forever home in Saskatoon on June 24, 2016. Congratulations Alex, you will be missed!


Peaches is a Yellow Kakarikie that came to us with a serious plucking problem. When we received her she had absolutely no feathers on her head and would constantly pick out any new feathers. She is now doing much better and only occasionally plucks.


August 20, 2017

Today we lost our beautiful girl. She was an absolute delight in our aviary and we will miss her dearly.

From all of us at Birds Inc, we hope wherever you are that you find the biggest bathtub with the clearest water. We love you little girl!


On October 25th, 2013 we received a very frantic call from a long term customer of 2 years saying that he need help. He had a female 2 1/2 year old female Quaker parrot named Rollo. She was pulling out all of her feathers to the point that he was concerned sever damage would be done. We wanted to give him the opportunity to think through his decision, and to see if she would get better. She did for about a month, and then she regressed to the point that the client couldn't bare to see his baby in this state. So, he made the hardest decision for any owner of any pet, he ask me to bring her in to our surrender program and see if we could rehabilitate her. A few short weeks later we discovered the problem. She was suffering from sexual frustration, and once we housed her with our male Quaker, Henry, she stopped plucking. The pair then blessed us with eggs! Rollo was successfully adopted on January 26, 2015.

Surrender Date : December 10th, 2013 - January 26, 2015


Zeus is our first story. He was rescued on July 28th, 2010 and was given a new home on July 15th, 2012. This first picture is one of the condition we found him in. He was rescued from a situation that would make all bird lovers and animal lovers stomachs turn. He was left in a dark room all the time by himself. When we got him he was completely bald and had only feathers on his head as he could not pluck out. Zeus was a male dutch blue peach faced lovebird. He was a great addition in our home and after 6 months of rehabilitation he became one of the family and one of the best breeders in our facility. He is completely re-feathered now and was a very successful breeder with another one of our Lovebirds, Jewel. He is now with a great family in Airdrie, AB. We wish him all the luck in his future endeavors.

Zeus was adopted out July, 2012 to a great family in Airdrie, AB

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